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Khai Vị-Appetizers

Khai Vị-Appetizers

A1. Chả Giò (2 Cuốn) $3.50

Vietnamese egg rolls (2 rolls)

A2. Gỏi Cuốn (2 Cuốn) $3.95

Vietnamese spring rolls with shrimp and pork (2 rolls)

Bánh Mì-Vietnamese Sandwich

Bánh Mì-Vietnamese Sandwich

B1. Bánh Mì Thịt Nguội - Ham $4.25

Butter, pate, ham, pork floss, and vegetables.

B2. Bánh Mì Chả Lụa - Pork Bologna $4.25

Butter, pate, pork bologna, pork floss, and vegetables.

Bánh Mì Bò Kho $9.99
Hủ Tiếu Bò Kho $9.99
Phở-Beef Rice Noodle Soup

Phở-Beef Rice Noodle Soup

All soups are served with condiments of bean sprouts, basil leaves, jalapeños, and lime wedges.
P1. Phở Special MT (Large Only) $10.99

Special Bowl: Rare steak, flank, tendon, tripe, meatballs. 

P2. Phở Tái Ướp $8.99 / $9.99

Rare steak.

P3. Phở Bò Viên $8.99 / $9.99


P4. Tái Bò Viên $8.99 / $9.99

Rare steak and meatballs. 

P5. Tái Chín $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak and Brisket.

P6. Tái Gân $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak and Tendon.

P7. Tái Nạm $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak and Well-done Flank.

P8. Tái Sách $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak and Tripe.

P9. Tái Nạm Gân $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak, Well done Flank, and Tendon. 

P10. Tái Nạm Sách $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak, Well done Flank and Tripe.

P11. Tái Nạm Gân Sách $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak, Well done Flank, Tendon and Tripe. 

P12. Tái Nạm Gầu Gân $8.99 / $9.99

Rare Steak, Well done Flank, Fat Brisket and Tendon. 

P13. Chín Nạm $8.99 / $9.99

Well done Brisket and Flank.

P14. Chín Nạm Gầu Gân $8.99 / $9.99

Well done Brisket, Flank, Fat Brisket, and Tendon.

P15. Nạm Vè Giòn $8.99 / $9.99

Well done Flank and Skirt Flank.

P16. Phở Gà $8.99 / $9.99

Chicken Rice Noodle Soup.

P17. Phở Bò Trẻ Em $4.95

(Được chọn 2 loại thịt tuỳ ý) 

Beef Noodle Soup for Kids 

(Two Choices of Meat)


E1. Thêm Phở $2

Extra Noodles.

E2. Thêm Trứng $1

Extra Egg. 

E3. Thêm Tái $4

Extra Rare Steaks. 

E4. Thêm Sách $4

Extra Tripe.

E5. Thêm Gân $4

Extra Tendon. 

E6. Thêm Nạm $4

Extra Well-Done Flank. 

E7. Thêm Vè Giòn $4

Extra Skirt Flank. 

E8. Thêm Gầu $4

Extra Fat Brisket.

Giải Khát-Beverages

Giải Khát-Beverages

D1. Nước Ngọt-Soft Drink In Can $1.25

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Orange.

D2. Cafe Đen Đá $3.75

Iced Coffee.

D3. Cafe Sữa Đá $3.95

Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk.

D4. Trà Thái $3.25

Thai Iced Tea.

D5. Chanh Dây $2.95

Passion Fruit Juice.

D6. Đá Chanh $2.95

Fresh Lemonade.

D7. Soda Chanh $3.45

Fresh Soda Lemonade.

D8. Chanh Muối $2.95

Salty Lemonade.

D9. Soda Chanh Muối $3.45

Salty Soda Lemonade.

D10. Sữa Đậu Nành (Xanh Hoặc Vàng) $2.25

Soy Milk (Green or Yellow)

D11. Nước Dừa $2.95

Coconut Juice.

D12. Trà Chanh Đá Hoặc Nóng $2.95

Lemon Tea (Iced or Hot)

D13. Trà Đá Hoặc Nóng $1

Unsweetened Tea (Iced or Hot)

D14. Bình Trà Nóng (Trà Hoa) $3.95

Hot Tea in Pot (Flower Tea)