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Vietnamese street food is something that really deserves a try. Everyone knew about Pho — the iconic, traditional dish of Vietnam — is also named as Beef Noodle Soup. Actually, Vietnamese cuisine has more than that, and one of the best-known Vietnamese foods is Banh Mi.

Also called Vietnamese sandwiches, you can expect to see Banh Mi from a food cart on the sidewalk, at a sit-down restaurant in Vietnam, or even on the breakfast menu of any Vietnamese hotels. That shows how popular and favored Banh Mi is in this Southeast Asian country. Needless to say, Banh Mi is widely regarded as the national street food of Vietnam. If you want to try this famous and yummy food, no need to take a flight to Vietnam because now you can find it in a lot of authentic Vietnamese restaurants around the U.S.

What makes Banh Mi so popular and lovable by many people?

1/ Filled With Various Ingredients

That’s exactly how to describe Banh Mi! Banh Mi is a food that is stuffed with other foods. Sounds great, right? The filling of the Vietnamese sandwiches usually includes jalapeno, vegetables, pickle, cucumber, handmade butter, cilantro, and a special type of meat of your liking. Chicken, beef, pork, sausage, jambon, and meatball are the most popular choices for foodaholics. If you are a vegetarian, Vegan Banh Mi with mushrooms in its filling will be your best choice. High-quality Vietnamese restaurants understand that and they can offer you such nice menus.
Some of the well-known kinds of Banh Mi that you can see in many good Vietnamese restaurants are: Grilled Pork (Banh mi thit nuong), Grilled Pork Patties (Banh mi nem nuong), Grilled Chicken (Banh mi ga nuong), Pate & Pork Roll (Banh mi pate cha lua), Pate Jambon (Banh mi pate thit nguoi), Pate Pork (Banh mi pate thit heo), and so on.

2/ Delectable And Rich Flavour

That’s correct! If you are looking for the food which is deeply flavorful, opting for none other than authentic Banh Mi with a special combination. The best Vietnamese Banh Mi is seasoned perfectly with different spices. The herbs greatly enhance the taste of chicken, pork, sausages, or eggs. These spices and herbs give strong aroma in meat used for the special Banh Mi. What a wonderful method to enhance your meal without losing out on nutrition. Top-quality Vietnamese restaurants will prepare the fresh ingredients to make the most delicious Banh Mi for you.

3/ Multipurpose

Banh Mi could be your quick breakfast, your comfort food snack, your mild meal or light dinner. Those tasty, scrumptious Vietnamese sandwiches are just ideal to be eaten at any time of the day. The most pleasant way to enjoy an amazing Banh Mi is to devour it accompanied by a cool beverage. Vietnamese people love to consume Banh Mi with delicate tea or strong coffee. You can go to a top-notch Vietnamese restaurant and order Banh Mi with one of these drinks: Green Tea, Boba Tea, Iced Coffee, etc.

Pho MT - Vietnamese Restaurant Steepleway Shopping Center Houston, TX 77065

4/ Great Taste Often Comes Down To Contrast

If there is a universal rule for how to make food more delicious, it’s this: get it crunchy on the outside, and tender on the inside. These contrasts amplify the flavors of the dish, making the food much more than a simple sum of the parts. It is a technique well suited to healthy eating; Because by playing with contrasts, you’re able to coax so much more from otherwise simple ingredients.
The crunchy, crispy Vietnamese Banh Mi pairs cooling cucumber and fresh vegetables and savory herbs with tender, sweet meat and rich butter. The result is a delicious and healthy combination with far more flavor than you can imagine. The refreshing taste of each ingredient in Banh Mi complements one another where the sum is greater than the parts.

Now you have known the reasons why people of all ages in Vietnam never get bored of Banh Mi — the traditional, most popular Vietnamese street food. One of the best ways to explore a country's culture is understanding its cuisine and style of eating or drinking. If you are interested in learning about Vietnam and Vietnamese people, pay a visit to some nice Vietnamese restaurants and try their menus out. We bet that there are a lot of mouth-watering and unique Asian dishes for you to check out.

How much does Vietnamese Sandwich cost?

B1. Bánh Mì Thịt Nguội - Ham$4.25

Butter, pate, ham, pork floss, and vegetables.

B2. Bánh Mì Chả Lụa - Pork Bologna$4.25

Butter, pate, pork bologna, pork floss, and vegetables.

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